The Power of Local Action

— by Louise R. —

Every day my Inbox is filled to overflowing with bad news and desperate pleas for help or money. It’s overwhelming, and I often feel that the petitions I sign and money I contribute go off into the ether, never to be heard from again. I long for something on which I can have a clear, direct impact…something that will give me some sense of personal power. Luckily I found CAPP last spring, and the solace it provides is immeasurable, except for one thing. Until recently, I was worried that too few people knew about CAPP and the Pilgrim pipelines.

Well, that’s changing. Our very own Matt Smith recently wrote an excellent op-ed, published in both the North Jersey Media Group’s  The Record newspaper and on its website, that makes a great case for local action against the Pilgrim pipelines. In it, he describes the Pilgrim pipelines and the danger they would pose to our communities and the success of actions taken by local groups in opposition to them.

It is an excellent op-ed to share with family and friends to grow the movement. Don’t be shy! Many people want to get involved in local actions, and what can be more important than protecting our communities?

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