Towns directly on the pipeline route in GREEN on the interactive map have passed resolutions opposing the pipeline; towns in BLUE have passed both resolutions and ordinances restricting pipeline construction.  Other nearby towns that have passed resolutions are shown in LIGHT GREEN.  Click on a town to see its resolution.  Towns on the pipeline route in GRAY have not yet passed resolutions opposing the pipeline.  The proposed pipeline route is shown by the red line.  See the list of town resolutions and ordinances here.

NOTE: the map displayed here is based on the latest sets of maps we have from Pilgrim.

NOVEMBER 18, 2015 UPDATE: Pilgrim has filed documents for the New York portion of the project.  The interactive map below uses the updated New York maps.  When an updated set of maps for New Jersey is available, we will post/use those as well.

Disclaimer: this interactive map was produced by a manual transcription of the maps published or presented by Pilgrim.  While a reasonably accurate portrayal of those maps, it does not use surveyor-level rendering, and so should not be relied on for an extremely high level of precision.

Click here for detailed maps for New Jersey or for detailed maps for New York.

Copies of maps that Pilgrim filed with their draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for New York are here.

Note that the New Jersey maps may not show an up-to-date connection with the revised New York maps.


“Fly” along the proposed route of the Pilgrim Pipeline using these .kmz files for New York and New Jersey!  The pipeline route is superimposed over a satellite view that you can maneuver around.  Note that the map is an approximation based on the best available information at this time.
If you are logged into a Google account, click on  the link, then “File”, then “Open with” and select “KML, KMZ Viewer with Drive”.  You will need to authorize your Google account to use the Viewer app.
If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, click on the link, then on the downward arrow to download it to your computer.  Open the downloaded file on your computer.

KMZ visualization file-NY   KMZ visualization file-NJ

These maps by a consulting firm describe the environmental impacts of the Project:

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  2. Fantastic work summarizing and detailing proposed route, endangered species and stream impacts.


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