Join Us in Chatham Tomorrow, 9/10!

Join us Wednesday in Chatham to learn more about the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline, the oil that would flow through the line, and what rights landowners have when approached by the pipeline company. 

This brand new oil pipeline would connect Albany, NY and Linden, NJ, and is expected to follow the Rt 287 corridor and PSEG and Spectra rights of way, potentially cutting through a number of towns in Morris and Union Counties. 

Pipeline construction would have deleterious effects on both the open spaces and urbanized communities through which it would pass.  In the Highlands and other sensitive areas, we would see wetlands destroyed, critical habitats for threatened and endangered species leveled to the ground, and impacts to waterways from more erosion due to construction.  The pipeline would pass through environmental justice communities that have already seen too much air and water pollution as a result of the fossil fuel industry. 

The pipeline will carry North Dakotan Bakken shale oil.  Produced through fracking, it is one of the most explosive types of oil in the world. In February the Wall Street Journal compared oil from 86 locations around the world and found Bakken crude oil to be the most explosive.   Bringing this fuel into our state endangers our families, property, and environment.

Learn more about the project and how you can get involved at the Loantanka Group of the Sierra Club’s September meeting :

When:                 Wednesday, September 10th from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Where:                 The Library of the Chathams at 214 Main St. in Chatham

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