Progress in the Chathams, but more to do NOV 13 and NOV 24!

On Monday, November 10, Pilgrim tried to get the Chatham Borough Council to pass a ‘routine’ resolution to allow it to survey its route along Borough property.   This resolution could have gone through without even a separate vote in a package of other routine items.   Because of the efforts of Chatham residents led by Katey DePinto and Dawn Ferguson, the Council moved this to its regular agenda, where an overflow crowd of residents saw the Council reject this request!  The Council further promised to draft a resolution opposing the pipeline project for consideration at its next meeting.  You can read about the meeting in the Alternative Press and Chatham Courier.

Although this is a great development, there is more to do in the Chathams:

  • On THURSDAY NOV. 12, Pilgrim is asking Chatham Township to do what they could not get in Chatham Borough — permission to survey on town-owned land.  A turnout of residents at the Township Committee meeting (7:30 pm, 53 Meyersville Rd) will send a loud and clear message that this pipeline is as wrong for Chatham Township as it is for Chatham Borough … and as it is for neighboring Madison, which has already passed a resolution opposing the pipeline.
  • On MONDAY NOV.24, the Chatham Borough Council will consider (7:30 pm, 54 Fairmount Ave, top floor) its promised resolution opposing the pipeline.  Another big turnout of concerned residents will remind the Council that it is important that Chatham join the growing call that this pipeline is wrong for our community.

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