Jam-Packed Rosendale Meeting Passes Resolution Against Pilgrim Pipeline

Iris Marie Bloom send us this news from Rosendale, NY

Quick report: Over 75 people packed the Rosendale Town Board meeting last night in spite of the short-notice cancellation by the Pilgrim Pipeline corporation rep. Residents gave spirited, well-informed and unified testimony opposing the pipeline.

Town Board member Jen Metzger introduced a Resolution Opposing the Pilgrim Pipeline, which passed last night. Rosendale residents expressed jubilation at the action. The Resolution is directed primarily towards NYS DOT and the NYS Thruway Authority, which have the power to not grant Pilgrim the exceptions it would need to move the proposed pipeline forward.

You can see a Model Resolution here. Please note: it is very similar to the one passed last night.

Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to begin generating support for this Resolution to pass in other towns along the pipeline route. Other towns can also customize it according to their character.

Please come Monday, Nov. 17th at 7 pm, SUNY New Paltz Lecture Center 104, to learn more about the pipeline’s route and what can be done.

Resilient Rosendale

Determination marked the mood last night regarding next steps. Residents suggested Rosendale approach EarthJustice, Energy Justice Network, CELDF, or the Slottjes for legal help ensuring Rosendale actions that have “teeth” backing up the symbolic, if influential, Resolution passed yesterday.

Rosendale’s previously passed ban on fracking in Rosendale includes transportation, town Board members said last night.

One gentleman whose ten-acre property abuts the pipeline route reported that a visit by the Pilgrim Pipeline Company. The rep was polite at first, but he asked her, “Why in God’s name would I want an oil pipeline on my property?” Then, he testified, the Pilgrim rep told him he would receive a nasty letter from a lawyer.

“I’ve been on this earth a long time,” he told us, “and nasty letters from lawyers do not scare me.”

Most public testimony involved concerns about moral consistency; climate; our waterways; pipeline accidents; and about the cascading ecological impact of Bakken Shale fracking and flaring as well as the pipeline itself. Practical concerns included safety, property damage, the character and economy of Rosendale. Fre Atlast commented, “Oil and ecotourism don’t mix.”

Board member Jeanne Walsh said she had a personal experience with an oil spill. Only 150 gallons spilled, but it took 3 years and $650,000 to clean up!

Rosendale residents expressed tremendous interest in converting more quickly to use renewable energy and to focus on energy efficiency, but that discussion was not permitted to expand, as the Town had to finish other business.

Congratulations to Jen Metzger for her excellent and successful Resolution as well as background research which she conveyed authoritatively.  Here is a Youtube video of the no-show Pilgrim reps making a rare public appearance.

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