New Yorkers: Please Call Gov. Cuomo This Week!


Dangerous Bakken shale crude oil could be transported alongside the NY State Thruway.  Governor Cuomo can deny Pilgrim Pipeline’s use of the Thruway’s right of way and can stop this project. Please urge him to deny their request. Now!

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC, is trying to build the first pipelines to transport volatile fracked Bakken shale oil and possibly tar sands crude oils through New York State. And Pilgrim wants to use the NY State Thruway right-of-way to build them!  These twin pipelines would carry fracked Bakken and possibly Canadian heavy crude from Albany, NY, to Linden, NJ, and flammable refined products back from Linden to Albany.

The pipelines would be drilled under and through two hundred and thirty-two waterways. New pipelines fail at a higher rate than older ones. The proposed Pilgrim pipelines would threaten our communities’ public health, safety, and water – including millions of people’s drinking water.

Contrary to Pilgrim’s claims (both explicit and implied), these pipelines would not reduce the number of “bomb trains” traveling through New York.  In fact, to supply the pipeline, the number of “bomb trains” traveling to Albany would likely increase!  There is no guarantee that barge or train traffic in the Hudson valley would be reduced, either!

Governor Cuomo has committed to moving New York to a renewable energy future, to cutting our emissions by 80% by 2050, and to investing in a climate-resilient future. Pilgrim’s pipelines directly conflict with this vision of New York: they would worsen climate change, increase emissions, and lock us into a dangerously fossil-fuel-reliant future.

Please call Governor Cuomo now and urge him to deny Pilgrim’s use of the New York Thruway Authority’s right of way.

Here is a suggested script:

Governor Cuomo, you have pledged to be a climate leader. I urge you to deny Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings’ use of the New York State Thruway Authority right of way to construct its proposed pipelines. They would be the first pipelines to transport dangerous fracked Bakken Shale and possibly Canadian heavy crude oils in New York, threatening our communities’ public health, safety, and water.

Governor Cuomo, protect New York and New Yorkers: stand with all the communities along the proposed pipelines’ route that oppose this project and deny Pilgrim’s use of the right of way!

GOVERNOR CUOMO’S OFFICE- 518-474-8390  (Downstate office, if you like, is 212-681-4580)

For more information about the impacts of the proposed pipelines, see our FAQs page here.

Thanks for joining with us to speak out on this threat to our communities!

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