Skartados Bill Would Ensure Local Municipalities Have a Say in Pipeline Projects

New York Assemblyman Frank Skartados has introduced bill A10468, a bill that would require that any pipeline project be approved by the municipalities along its route.  A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate (S7979).  See the bill here.  (A more detailed explanation can be found here.)  If passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo, the environment, water supplies, property values, and open space in the communities of the Hudson Valley would be spared the damaging effects of these pipelines.

Representatives from Pilgrim have been bullying landowners along the proposed route, trying to get them to sign easements to allow pipeline access through their property.  If the representative of the villages, towns, and cities along the route deny Pilgrim access, the project will almost certainly be killed.

If you are a New York resident, please contact your local legislators and ask that they cosponsor or support A10468 (in the Assembly), or the companion bill to be introduced in the Senate.

  • Find your NY Assembly representative here.
  • Find your NY Senator here.

Thank you for your support!

One response to “Skartados Bill Would Ensure Local Municipalities Have a Say in Pipeline Projects

  1. This bill adds towns to the list of NY municipalities that can block certain types of pipelines, including interstate hazardous liquid pipelines like the Pilgrim. (Cities and villages in NY already have the authority to block such pipelines when there is no preemptive federal siting authority like FERC.) The bill would make an important change.


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