Pipeline inspectors few and far between

We have often cited the fact that there are only 137 inspectors for 2.5 million miles of pipeline in the U.S.  But what does that add up to?  Let’s do a little math.

2.5 million miles divided by 137 is 18, 248 miles of pipeline per inspector.   How would you like to have that job?

Let’s say you wanted in inspect all of your 18,248 miles of pipeline in the coming year.  If you worked each and every day in 2015, you’d have to inspect 18,248 / 365 = 50 miles of pipeline a day.  If you are REALLY diligent and work 10 hours per day, you have to move at 5 mph nonstop (no time for a lunch break).   How is your vision?  Did you miss a crack somewhere in today’s 50 miles?


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