Call Cuomo Mondays

We need to maintain the pressure on New York Governor Cuomo to stop the Pilgrim Pipeline, so we’re launching an important new initiative, “Call Cuomo Mondays”. 

We’re asking people to call NY Governor Cuomo each and every Monday in opposition to the Pilgrim pipelines using this phone number: 866-846-4075. 

This was a concept successfully used during the anti-fracking campaign to demonstrate a steady – and growing – drumbeat of opposition to the dangerous practice. 

The Pilgrim pipelines would carry explosive fracked oil along the New York Thruway and through six counties, from Albany to New Jersey, and return the refined products back north.  If constructed, these pipelines would threaten the drinking water for millions of New Yorkers, risk the safety of dozens of communities, and promote fracking and climate change chaos. 

Fortunately, the Cuomo administration has the authority to stop this dangerous proposal. 

Can you commit to calling Governor Cuomo every Monday? And can you invite at least five others to call, too? If so, please email 

Use this number – 866-846-4075 – which enables us to track the number of calls generated – and forward this post.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or need more information.

Thank you for your support – together, we’re going to win! 

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